Hi, I'm Kim!

Through my nutrition programs I empower people to change their eating habits so that they can lose the weight, create
the body they want, and regain their health in a simple and practical way that is sustainable. Together we change your diet
so you can change your life.

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Looking for Recipe Inspiration...

I love to be creative in the kitchen. Get inspired by my kitchen creations!
All of my recipes are sugar free, gluten and dairy free. As well, many of them are egg-free and vegetarian.
You can find my recipes on both my blog and Instagram.

About Kim & Easy Nutrition

I created Easy Nutrition because I saw so many people, especially woman, really struggle with complicated and demanding diet plans. Keto, Paleo, Weight Watchers, the Mediterranean Diet, and so many more. They all work, but all require a great amount of time and effort; I knew there was a simpler way.
So I created Easy Nutrition. The Easy Nutrition programs are simple and practical. By focusing on three basic rules - no processed sugar, eat real food, and add vegetables to every meal - participants are able to lose the weight and regain their health in a simple way that is sustainable.

Kimberly Findlay


The Easy Nutrition Challenge

Want a simple and effective way to lose weight and regain your health that is also sustainable? Check out the Easy Nutrition Challenges.

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Learn more about nutrition and fuel your passion for healthy eating! The Easy Nutrition blog covers a range of topics about nutrition and how a low-sugar, real food diet can help you achieve your health goals.

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