1. A Personalized plan

Not all body types are created equal, and having someone who can tailor a program to your personal needs and goals can make a huge difference. There is a reason that there are hundreds of diet programs out there. It’s because there are millions of people looking for a diet solution, and one diet doesn’t work for everyone. A nutritionist can narrow in on the food program that will work best for you and will help you get the results you are looking for.

2. Managing expectations

I talk with lots of clients who want to lose 10 – 20 pounds, yesterday. It’s great to have goals. Goals keep you motivated and focused. But the wrong goal can lead to disappointment, anger and frustration.  And the wrong goals can make you want to quite. The best goals are those that are achievable within a given time frame. A Nutritionist can help you create SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. Setting the right goals that are achievable help you feel good about your progress and your success will motivate you to keep you going.

3. Efficient – Years of experience and knowledge instantly

The hardest part of starting a new diet is knowing how to start. There can often be a lot of trial and error involved when trying to find the right foods for you. Your nutritionist can make this process faster and easier with a lot less frustration. Her experience and knowledge can work in your favour and your nutritionist will be able to create a plan that is right – the first time.

4. Accountability

We all know that the chances of success increase when we are held accountable for our actions. It’s easy to cheat on our diet when no one is looking. But when we know we have to report to someone we are far less likely to cheat, and much more likely to reach our goals.

5. Support

Making life changes can be hard, and changing the way we eat may be one of the hardest. One of the main ingredients of success is support, emotional and the Raw! Raw! Raw! cheerleader variety. Your nutritionist will celebrate your successes with you, while also lifting you up and motivating you when you fall off track.