Stop Night Time Snacking

My pantry is evil. And the evil that resides in it only comes out at night.

Ok, that’s not true. 

My pantry is not home to an evil spirit or ghoul. But  sometimes I would rather believe that my pantry is evil than to take responsibility for my own actions. 

Hello. My name is Kim. And I am a night time snacker. 

And if I am being truly honest I have to admit that my nighttime snack choices are not healthy. I love me some chips and dip after the kids are in bed. I have also been known to hide junk food in my house and take it out after the kids are asleep so I won’t have to share it with them, #momoftheyear #momfail

Not snacking at night has probably been one of the greatest challenges I have had to overcome in my health journey. And for most of my clients, it is their biggest challenge in their weight loss and healthy eating journey. 

So, how do you stop the late night snacking?

There are a couple of strategies that I have employed over the years so that I don’t reach into the pantry at night. As you choose the strategies that will work for you, it helps to remember that there is no silver bullet to end late night snacking. One strategy may work one night, and then you may have to use a different one the next night.

Night time snacking is a real challenge. It is a real thing. And it is really detrimental to our weight loss and to our health. 

To help you stop the night-time snacking, and work towards achieving your weight loss or healthy eating goal I created an End the Night-Time Snacking Guide. You can get the whole guide here.

The guide is packed full of useful information and will give you real steps and tips  to help end the night-time eating ritual. 

In the guide I give you 5 strategies to end the night-time snacking. But right now I want to share with you the one strategy that really helped me the most  – chew gum.

Yup, that’s it. 

When I am feeling cravings for sugar, carby snacks and other treats late at night I chew gum. Not sure why it works, but it does.

I have also used, with success, the other four strategies discussed in my guide. When you employ all five together is it a mega-force for success.

If you want to end your night-time snack binges, and you want new strategies for weight loss and healthy eating success, download my free guide here.

And if you have any questions about how you can stop late-night binge eating schedule a body success call with me. It’s free, and I will give you suggestions and feedback that you can use right away.