Say No to the Candy Man

Boo! Did I scare you? LOL

I might not be scary, but for anyone trying to stick to their meal plan and diet Halloween can be a nightmare. 

Forget about Christmas, this is the holiday (is Halloween a holiday?) where I totally lose sight of my healthy eating and diet plan, and absolutely sink myself into a pile of candy. I buy one box of candy for the kids, and one box for me. My self-control is totally gone.

But this over indulging does not correlate with my desire for a healthy lifestyle, my weight loss goals or my plan for healthy eating. And while I may enjoy the treats in the moment, eating a bunch of candy and not following my diet plan makes me feel really guilty, and really bad about myself, and my tummy hurts as well, just adding insult to injury.

Over the last couple of years I promised myself I would change my behavior. I would stick to my diet plan, focus on my healthy eating, and I would not end Halloween 5 pounds heavier and mad at myself.

I found a couple of strategies that helped me stick to my healthy eating plan, and I wanted to share them with you.

Tip #1 – Buy the Candy on Halloween

This strategy is by far the most important one for me. I was totally that person that would buy candy early, before all the good stuff was gone. Then, with it sitting in my closet and me trying so hard to ignore it, I would break down and grab the box.

And of course I couldn’t just eat one like I said I would. I had to eat the whole box. Then, not wanting to admit what I did, I would go out, buy another box and replace the eaten one before anyone noticed.

This process definitely felt bad for both my tummy and my self-esteem.

To stop me from eating the candy I had bought to hand out to kids I started buying the Halloween candy as close to Halloween as possible. The less time the candy was in my house, the less chance I had of succumbing to the delicious treat.

Tip #2 – Buy Candy You Don’t Like

Another strategy to avoid the candy binges before halloween is to buy candy you don’t like. Or better yet, be that mom, and hand out raisins. I know, lame, but sometimes your health goals are more important than making a bunch of strangers kids happy with candy.

Tip #3 – Eat Veggies First

This might sound weird, but it works! When you are craving candy, and ready to reach into your kids candy stores, grab some vegetables first.

Eat a carrot, or some cucumber, or whatever vegetables you have at home. This will slow you down, stop the impulse eating, and give you some nutrients before you indulge in a treat. 

It will also help you eat less candy if you do indulge as you will already have eaten, giving less space in your stomach for candy. Plus it reduces the guilt – you feel great that you ate healthy vegetables, and you feel great that you didn’t eat a whole bunch of candy, just a little. 

Tip #4 – Chew Gum

This is my favourite strategy for avoiding sugary treats all through the year, and not just on Halloween.

Chewing gum really works. It gives you the hit of sweetness that  you are craving and helps satisfy you, alleviating the desire the candy. When you are feeling the need for candy grab some gum instead and walk away from the candy.

Tip #5 – Follow a Normal Healthy Eating Routine

If you are hungry or depleted of energizing (healthy) carbs and fats it will be harder to say no to the sugary treats. A great way to combat the Halloween cravings is to follow your normal meal routine, meaning you need to eat dinner Halloween night, and it shouldn’t be pizza.

If you skip dinner or eat a high carbohydrate meal like pizza it is likely that you will suffer a sugar crash right when kids are storming your door way. This sugar crash is going to make you tired, maybe a little cranky, and craving sugar. It is going to make it really difficult for you to not eat candy. 

Those are some of my favourite strategies for not eating Halloween candy and avoiding the post-holiday weight gain. 

I hope they help!