You may have heard there was an election in the US recently (really, how could you not, unless you live under a rock). The interesting thing about US Presidential elections is that Americans do not only vote in their new President, they also vote on a plethora of other candidates for other positions and different propositions. One proposition Californians voted on was whether or not companies using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) would be required to identify the use of GMOs in their product via a label on the packaging. Surprisingly they voted against the use of such labels.

I am 100% against the use of GMOs for many reasons, including the fact that we do not fully understand the dangers or effects of GMOs on our body’s systems. My thinking is that GMOs are not natural, therefore, they likely have some consequence to our health that at this time we do not fully understand. I prefer my food to be as natural as possible.

The challenge to the consumer is that GMOs are rarely labeled and we therefore lack full information about the food we consume, and therefore full control over what we consume. My question is, if the GMO producer, and food company that utilizes their product, have nothing to hide, then why not label the food properly? Conspiracy theory maybe, but I always believe full disclosure is best.

If you believe GMO foods should be properly labelled contact your local MLA and MP today.