The simple answer is no.

What does eating gluten free mean? It means cutting out all products that contain gluten. This includes most bread products, and also some sauces, dressings and soups as gluten is often used as a thickener.

Eating gluten free can result in some weigh loss, as bread products and baking often contribute to weight gain. But if you are not careful, eating gluten free can also cause weight gain.

Gluten free doesn’t mean fat-free or calorie-free. Without gluten to bind food together, food manufacturers often use more fat and sugar to make the food product taste good. And those extra calories mean there is more junk going into your trunk.

If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity it is in your best interest to cut out all gluten products. But if you do not suffer from either of those, your best weight loss plan is not to cut out the gluten, but cut out the fattening and high sugar bread products and pastries.