If there is one constant in life it is that we don’t have enough time. Enough time to exercise, enough time to clean, and definitely not enough time to plan for, shop for, and prepare our meals. A fact of our busy life is that we will eat out. But just because we eat out, doesn’t mean we can’t choose healthier options.

Here is a list of healthier food options for those days we just don’t have enough time.

1. Wendy’s Chili – high in fiber and protein and small on the sodium Wendy’s Chili is a great alternative to the burgers and fries.

2. Starbucks Oatmeal – withhold the sugar and add the dry fruit Starbuck’s oatmeal offers a breakfast that is both filling and nutritious.

3. Subway Sandwich – Subway makes it easy, right on the display glass are information sheets that show you how to make the best sandwich for you, whether its low sodium or a low calorie sandwich. Pack it full of vegetables and stay away from the calorie heavy sauces and you can’t go wrong.

4. McDonald’s salads – not exactly synonymous with health, McDonald’s is traditionally known for fattening hamburgers and french fries. But in the past few years McDonald’s has added some healthy alternatives that are pretty tasty. Choose one of their salads, which include fresh vegetables and real lettuce (not just the crappy iceberg lettuce). Add protein, such as the grilled chicken for a more filling meal.

5. Arby’s Market Fresh wrap – Low on calories but high on taste Arby’s Market Fresh wraps are a great alternative to their roast beef sandwiches. Add a chopped salad as your side and you have a pretty healthy meal that is ready to go.