Is the Keto Diet healthy?

Did you know the number one diet related google search in 2018 was “what is the Keto diet”?

Over the last few years the Keto diet has exploded! It’s all we see in our news feeds!

Our best friends are doing it. Our neighbours are doing it. And our grandma’s are doing it. It seems like everyone is doing the Keto Diet.

And it is also the number one doctor recommended diet right now. Or at least it seems to be because I have a lot of new clients coming to me asking me to help them implement the Keto Diet, on their doctor’s recommendation.

But is the Keto Diet good for you?

Ok, this is not a regular dump on something that is popular article. Keto is a big target right now, and is easy to talk trash about. But I have no interest in debunking the Keto Diet, mostly because it has worked for a lot of people. The Keto Diet can and does work.

What I want to focus on is why it is popular, why it works (and is it healthy), and if it is the solution for you. 

Why the Keto Diet is so Popular

Firstly, why, all of the sudden, especially because the Keto diet is not a new diet, is the Keto diet so popular right now?

It’s a bit of a complicated story, but basically the Paleo Diet fad was over, the Keto diet offered something new (big focus on fats), marketers saw an opportunity, and now everyone and their dog is doing the Keto Diet. 

It offered something new and marketers saw an opportunity.

That my friends, is why the Keto Diet is so popular. 

Why does the Keto Diet work (and is it healthy?)

Becoming popular is easy, staying popular is harder. And the Keto Diet seems to have some staying power.

Why? Because it works. Lots of people have lost weight and felt better using the Keto Diet.

The reason it works is simple – it cuts calories, makes you eat healthier food  and it offers a framework to work within.

It doesn’t matter how you do it – eat a paleo diet, weight watchers, mediterranean diet, the Keto Diet – if you eat fewer calories and eat healthier food you will lose weight and feel better. Period. 

Yes, it’s fun to say you are in ketosis. And maybe you like peeing on one of those fancy sticks to see if you are in ketosis. But ketosis doesn’t matter. What matters for your health is that you are eating fewer calories and choosing better quality, nutrient dense, whole food. 

The second reason why the Keto Diet has worked for so many is because it is a plan. So many of us  mindlessly eat all day. We grab something when we are hungry, and don’t often actually pay attention to what it is we are eating. The Keto Diet offers clear rules about what you are allowed to eat. It creates a framework and plan that helps you succeed. 

The Keto Diet works, but is it healthy?

Depends on how you do it. Some people take it to the extreme, and extreme diets are rarely healthy. Others may try to take shortcuts and not prepare balanced meals. They may not be getting all the nutrients they require because they are not taking the time to fully understand their bodies needs and ensure they are being met.

I have a number of clients who came to me after they tried the Keto Diet asking me to help them fix their diet. The Keto Diet is hard to do. It’s restrictive, you need to ration your macros properly, and it takes a lot of time. Most people don’t do it right, and it has made a lot of people sick. 

So, again I ask, is it healthy?

If you do it right, yes it is healthy. But because it is so restrictive, and the framework is so narrow, the Keto Diet is easy to do wrong. And if you do it wrong for long enough you could be putting your health in jeopardy.

Is the Keto Diet right for you

Are you willing to do the work?

If yes, then you will get results.

But really, the Keto Diet is not necessary.

The Keto Diet had a following first as a diet that helped kids with epilepsy (1). And others, especially women, have found the Keto Diet can help balance their hormones (2). If you are trying to manage epilepsy or a disorder resulting from imbalanced hormones the Keto Diet may be a good tool for you.

If you are a fairly normal person with average health, and your goal is simple weight loss with all the health benefits derived from the weight loss, then the Keto Diet is probably unnecessary. 

Have you tried the Keto Diet? Got questions? I would love to hear from you! Send me an email or a DM and tell me about your experience.