One word that is flying around right now is “Paleo”. No, people are not talking about reverting to our hunter and gather lifestyle. But they want to eat like it.

Paleo is a diet based on eating the way our hunter and gatherer ancestors ate. The theory is our genetics have not changed much in the past 10,000 years and our bodies are made for a diet based on plants, animals and seeds, not french fries, milk shakes and processed food. Because of this our body is processing food the same way our ancestors bodies did.

In later posts I will go deeper into this subject. But the gist of it is that our body is not made to use a lot of sugar. When we consume a carbohydrate, candy or processed food heavy in sugar the sugar is stored by our liver and muscles. Once those stores are filled our body turns the sugar into fat. Our liver and muscles do not need a lot of sugar. In fact, eating a few pieces of fruit and colourful vegetables will fill the storage space.

A huge reason why the population is so obese today is because we are consuming way too much sugar. A simple way to improve your diet is to avoid process food, candy, and anything that has corn syrup in it.

Long live the fruit and vegetable!!