Butter has got a bad rap in the past. Primarily because it is made from milk fat, and fat is bad for you, or so some would have you believe (its not, fat is necessary for optimal health).

So, is Butter good for you or not?

Butter is full of vitamins, especially vitamin A, and minerals. Plus short- and medium-chain fatty acids, which support immune function, boost metabolism and have anti-microbial properties. Butter also provided the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats.

But we have been told that butter consumption is linked to Heart Disease and Cancer, so it must be bad for you. Eating a stick of butter a day is probably not a great idea. But as part of a balanced diet butter can help battle Heart Disease and Cancer. Butter contains many nutrients that protect against heart disease, such as Vitamin A, D, K2 and E. And the fatty acid chains help protect against cancer.

Still not convinced that Butter is a good thing? Then consider the health affects of margarine, the most popular butter alternative. Margarine is made from trans-fats, an unnatural fat that contributes to heart disease, cancer, and lots of other fun diseases.

In my opinion, butter is our friend. But like any good friend, they should not overstay their welcome. Use sparingly and butter may contribute to your great health.