The best part about baby led weaning is there is very little food prep. Simply feed your baby what you are eating in an appropriate way – easy!

With my first son I was super pumped to start solids when he turned 6 months. I bought all of the gadgets – baby bullet blender, BEABA Babycook steamer/blender, baby food freezer storage containers, spoons and serving dishes. I even bought a baby’s first foods cookbook. I started with enthusiasm. First we ate mushed peas, then we tried apples, then we tried some recipes from my cookbook. The result – lots of cute pictures, a messy kitchen, and hours in food prep gone. I don’t call them wasted hours, I had fun and my son got to try lots of different purees. But he wasn’t enthusiastic about being fed and I wasn’t enthusiastic about the time spent making his meals and my own. So I started feeding my baby what I made myself for dinner.

At the time I didn’t know what baby led weaning was, but I was doing it. I would take pieces of whatever I was eating and steam or boil them longer, and cut them up into smaller pieces. Then I would put them on his tray and he would feed himself.

Baby led weaning, in my opinion, is the most convenient and easiest way to feed your baby. My video below shows how easy it is. In the video I cooked a single dish, stew, and fed it to the whole family. For my baby I took a very cooked potato and some beef and cut it down into small pieces. My preschooler was served a small portion of stew, and I separated the components of the stew because he prefers his food items separated.

There are lots of of dishes you can serve baby, preschooler and adults. Spaghetti is an obvious one. I have lots of pictures of both my baby’s covered in spaghetti sauce as they feed themselves. Another one is chicken dishes. Well cooked chicken is quite soft and shreds easily.

In addition to the ease and convenience, baby led weaning can reduce the stress of feeding baby. I never have to worry about remembering baby food, either food I made myself or store bought. I simply feed baby what I am eating. And I never have to cook more than one meal, which in our busy lives not having to cook more than one meal is awesome. The best part is that baby gets to eat with us, at the same time. We eat together as a family.