Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Easy Nutrition. For a long time I have dealt with "gut" issues. I have tried many different approaches but never found the help that I needed. Until you came along that is!! The food sensitivity panel that you did totally opened my eyes. I knew I had allergies to some foods but never understood the part about sensitivities. You explained things so well and in easy terms that made so much sense to me. Thanks!! I have learned so much in the way of nutrition with the meal planning workshop and the grocery shop that I do get excited now about planning my week and dinners are no longer a "chore". I look forward to trying new recipes that fit in with what I should be eating. My husband is thrilled as well. Thanks for the amazing recipes. We love the meatloaf one and it has now become a staple meal in our house! Overall I am feeling so much better and have a keener sense of when I eat something that I shouldn't!! I appreciate all the information and help that you have given me. Thanks again!! You are amazing at what you do. 🙂

Charlene G.

I spent years trying to eliminate foods to find out what was causing my stomach rot! One visit to Kim and she help me identify my food allergy and continues to support me through my new journey with food! She truly knows how to heal your body with food! She lives what she preaches and I find that really makes her approachable, and extra caring about what she does.

Tammy Joe

I approached Kim from Easy Nutrition because I wanted to find a natural way to heal my body. Specifically my thyroid disease. Easy Nutrition helped me by providing me with practical and easy tools to manage my own health. Kim gave me hope that it is possible to heal my thyroid and eventually come off of my medication. After a full month of eating healthy by following Kim's plan for me. I am on my way to living an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Some things I really enjoyed was Kim's knowledge and passion for nutritional health and specifically autoimmune disease. Her passion was so contagious! She helped me believe that I am in control of my own health. Kim also gave me some really great resources and tools to make this a reality. I also really appreciated all her continuous support. From day one she was available to answer any of my questions and concerns. I found this experience life changing. I now have the practical tools to take control of my health. I would recommend Easy Nutrition to people who are looking to heal their bodies so they can live a healthy and energetic life!

Tammy Joe

Denise W