Feeling sore after you exercise is always the hallmark of a great work out. But what if that soreness is stopping you from working out more and limiting your ability to reach your goals? The amino acid L-glutamine may be able to help.

L-glutamine is a non-essential amino acid used by our body in several ways, most of them paramount to successful training. It supports our bodies in the creation of energy by donating a carbon molecule, as well, it delivers nitrogen to your muscle tissue, aiding in repair. It also helps boost the immune system, keeping you out of bed and in the gym.

While we can get L-glutamine from our diet, it may not be enough to repair our damaged muscles in a timely manner. Research has shown that taking a supplement that contains L-glutamine after a work out can increase the rate of recovery.

There are dedicated L-glutamine supplements out there. But I recommend you take a complete protein shake as all of the amino acids are important and they all aid in the repair and restoration of our body parts.